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Android (1982) [Dec. 24th, 2009|11:00 pm]
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Android, 1982 starring Klaus Kinski, Brie Howard, & Don Keith Opper
Synopsis: The film follows the story of Doctor Daniel and his assistant Max 404 who work on a space lab in the year 2036 on an illegal android program.
Awesome Tagline: On a remote space laboratory, Android Model MAX 404 has learnt how to live...and learnt how to kill!

This movie apparently opened to strong critical reviews, especially in Europe, but didn't do so hot in the US. However, George Lucas was among those to praise it as "smart"and "relevant," according to Wikipedia (however, don't read the Wiki article if you don't want to be spoiled.)

I have to admit that my reasons for watching this movie had nothing to do with that- I just love watching old (usually bad) sci-fi.

Things it did well: I like that androids are portrayed as extremely human-like and not as stiff, shiny or plasticy robots. The acting was good and the plot was okay...
Things it did poorly: ... except for the business about how to make the newly built girl-robot functional. What the hell was he getting at? Also, toward the beginning, one of the characters is playing a pixely video game; is that really how someone on a space station in 2036 would entertain themselves? We can make robots that could pass as people but we're still playing Atari?
Bottom Line: Recommended for fans of the genre and those interested in the evolution of sci-fi films; and at 80 minutes or so, it's very short. Not very useful beyond that.